Reward Zentalk with Zentachain($CHAIN)

Reward Zentalk with Zentachain($CHAIN)

Zentachain ecosystem has multiple solutions, decentralized applications to keep its own value high, and to protect the user in its own network and so Zentachain($CHAIN) will be used as an attractive reward for people who are hosting of Zentanodes. Zentanode owners will be rewarded monthly, and this is necessary for the Zentameshnet to run smoothly and succeed. It is the same as a mining system but more energy-efficient and user-friendly.

Zentachain($CHAIN) Rewards

Zentachain will reward all Zentanode holders on the Zentanetwork each month. There will be no difficulties in the network, and Zentachain($CHAIN) rewards will be fixed and obvious. Users have to just run the Zentanode for the efficient operation of the Zentameshnet. If a user is disconnected, Zentanode will no longer be rewarded with Zentachain($CHAIN).

Zentalk is highly secure hybrid encryption, decentralized and peer-to-peer messenger produced by Zentachain. Zentalk users can have his own Zentanode in the Zentameshnet to be rewarded with Zentachain($CHAIN) but they will not be rewarded by transferring just a single message or data. This means that you must own a Zentanode and run it continuously; It is also very energy efficient and friendly.

Zentanode owners can establish and share an internet connection, and also communicate with devices that do not have internet access (offline-offline). This can be done even if there is little or no infrastructure at all. Zentanode owners who support the Zentameshnet will be rewarded with Zenta. Zentanodes are active network components like cell phones, routers, switches, bridges, and gateways.

Limited Zentanodes

Zentanodes will be limited, and not every country will need an accumulation of Zentanodes. A Zentanode currently has a range of about 1000 meters in radius. We will continue to increase the range with the versions "until a single Zentanode can reach 35,000 meters".

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!