What is Zentalk?

What is Zentalk?

Don't be a cloud lamb, be Zentalk!

Zentalk is a highly secure hybrid encryption technology, decentralized, and a peer-to-peer messenger application. Hybrid encryption is an encryption mode that combines two or more encryption systems.  Zentalk uses this encryption system as well, so we named it Zentalk hybrid messaging application. In Zentalk, state-of-the-art encryption with AES-256, Diffie-Helman-, RSA- and El-Gamal as security are available. Zentalk is decentralized and works without a server. It is designed for modern communication with multiple communication encryption options inside the application and has many advantages over its counterparts.

Zentalk  provides full anonymity

Zentalk is designed in such a way that the user of its cannot make any mistakes for his privacy. Zentalk will also leave no gap open that could make users insensitive to attacks or hacker attacks. It will use different types of encryption, as some encryptions are vulnerable, so we will only use those that are really secure for Zentalk. Each encryption will have its own role and all the encryptions we use are listed in the Whitepaper with all details. Zentalk will also use encryptions that are really secure against quantum computer attacks. With current technological advances, it is impossible to hack Zentalk with Quantum computers.

Zentalk guarantees the full anonymity of communication with the Tor protocol. Users easily turn at Zentalk on and off without installing a second VPN provider or Orbot. This provides users with utmost convenience in terms of privacy, anonymity and untraceability.

Unlike many other messenger apps, Zentalk prioritized user privacy, anonymity and data protection and will reward its users with Zentachain($CHAIN). Zentalk protects your contact history from large companies that can sell all user information. It also offers technological data protection, i.e. only highly encrypted metadata are briefly and then automatically removed irretrievably. Using Zentalk with Zentanode, users send and tunnels all messages and data through the Zentameshnet. This ensures that any messages shared between the sender and recipient being the highest levels of their privacy.

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!