The future of communication - Zentalk

The future of communication - Zentalk

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Zentalk has many extra new features compared to other chat applications. We have compiled only some of these features for you below and explained the details to you. The range of these features is very wide, from security to anonymity, from the ease of use to various services we offer, from crypto money sending to privacy. Zentalk is not just a message is the future of the messenger. Bringing communication to a new era of communication.


Tor is a low-latency anonymous communication system that is designed not only to protect personal privacy but also to protect the privacy of the server. Tor allows third parties or individuals to provide web service and application anonymously so that provider can hide their real IP address in the network which is also called as the hidden service. One of the most important features for Zentalk is anonymity and provides it with the TOR-network.


Zentalk users  should not share their password with anyone for their security. If someone wants your password, no problem, just enter the 2-second  password one and Zentalk the application will be remove everything on your device that function is called as Panic function.

Encrypted Contact-list

The user contact list always  encrypted on the user's device, so if the user does not make a mistake, there is absolutely no security breach. We are keep holding and protecting your contact list from any third-part centralized application.

Contact at distance

A user that is not near you can be added to the contact list simply by using the username search and send them invited. The second user must accept your invitation for communication to take place.

Delete History

The automatic message deletion feature allows the user to delete private conversations immediately or at a specified time. The user is free to set it according to his preference.

Auto Logout

The user can use Zentalk with any username and exit the application with the auto-logout timer at any time. When restarting the application, you will have to enter your password, again and again, to prevent errors from your side.

Tracking & Spying

To make sure that a Facebook or Instagram or other 3 provider apps don't infer which app they're coming from or which app they're on. We have built-in an anti-tracker that alerts you when there are apps in the backend running that are trying to grab information.

Sharing & Generate Random - ID

Hash-ids are randomly generated-regenerated at any time and shared with your contacts. By generating new hash identities, you make it impossible to follow which hash ID belongs to whom.

Share Hash-Id

Zentalk was created so that you can generate a new ID at any time and share it with only one person. After that, you can generate it again if someone wants to access your existing ID it will not be possible to add it to the contact list.

Hashing Signature

Zentalk has a hash-based signature. These are public-key signatures based on one-way cryptography.  Only you are able to generate a new identity, so your username cannot be overwritten. This is very important so that you always know who you are talking to.  This prevents a 3rd person from sitting between the communication.


Users can get instant information about any updates to the application. We have made it as easy as possible to send a simple notification to everyone. This is very important for us as in the future we will be able to warn the users about any attack or exploit.

Decentralized Wallet

With Zentalk you can also use your CHAIN token as an offline wallet. Your CHAIN tokens will be stored safely and offline. You can use it or not it is up to you. Of course, you will be able to transfer your seed to a paper wallet or other wallet. We don't need a ledger or Tezos it's already included in the zentalk.

Screenshot Protection

No screenshots can be taken by the user, this is to keep your communication inside and not outside the Zentalk. We protect you with this function don't trust in human trust in the Zentameshnetwork is our goal.

Private Group

By creating a private group, the user can have a private conversation with the desired people at will. However, all admins in the group must confirm that the person is trusted.

Mobile Encrypted

Zentalk is encrypted on your device not on a server or an intermediate storage. The encryption cannot be tapped. Zentalk stores it on your device once to decrypt it you only need your password.


It is impossible to perform a forensic on Zentalk because it would be easier to try it on the bitcoin network. There is simply no clue where to start you would have to have the private key and these are encrypted on your device which is only generated 1 time. We call it one-way simple a Trapdoor there is no outcome.

Recover Password

If users forget their password, they will not be able to renew it. Also, this function is for your benefit, and we have taken it as a standard that should be a must function. However, your CHAIN token will not be damaged because you have kept your seed safe.


Zentalk does not use a server, except in emergencies, you can use it to communicate over the Internet, for example, when communicating over the sea.  And when a user is connected with the Internet, Zentalk automatically turns the Tor network on it is also for your protection.


There is no backup for the Zentalk application. Users who have lost their phone or removed Zentalk will not be able to restore their data. They will have to create a new account in this case.


Zentalk is absolutely safe against men in the middle attack. It will be possible for someone to eavesdrop between two conversation persons and forward the messages, that's why the signatures are there to be 100% sure with whom you start the conversation at that moment.


One of the most important features of Zentalk is also the function anti sim swap. It is used too often nowadays and the telecom companies are at a loss in this case. Zentalk can and should be used without a sim card.

Rename App

The naming of the app is very important for us. We put more emphasis on the user than on the name of the app. The user should also be able to name the app according to his ideas.

Change Favicon

In extreme cases, the favicon of the application can be changed and displayed like another application. Assuming you like reading books you will be able to customize a favicon that looks like a book application.

GPS Blocker

GPS Blocker is used to preventing the user from being located via the Zentalk application. Zentalk will also alert you if another application tries to track you while it is running in the background. You have the right to turn it off whenever you want.

Encryption & Hashing:

Here are some of the Zentalk application applied encryption and hashing methods.

  • Key Size AES-256 Bit (14-Rounds)
  • Block Size 128 Bit
  • Hash: BLAKE2
  • Hybrid Encryption
  • El-Gamal Key Exchange


You will be able to Broadcast Transaction and send CHAIN token offline over a nearby Zentanode.

  • Bitcoin & Zentachain & Kusama & Polkadot
  • Send Bitcoin & Zentachain over Zentameshnet (Offline)
  • Create Offline Wallet / Store your Private Key (Offline)
  • Lightning Network


We always want to point out how the future of communication, while other companies follow their favor, Zentalk only treats the freedom of human. Zentalk is a masterpiece in its own application, the logic and ecosystem is very strong. It is a network that will top the bitcoin network in terms of usage. How many people have a bitcoin miner? How many people have a cell phone? It's easy to say, no it won't, if we calculate the data and Zentalk reaches the masses, Zentalk will provide one of the largest networks in the entire world. The reason why everyone will use the application, while people communicate on unpaid platforms, Zentalk will reward the customer's with CHAIN token. There is absolutely no difficulty in Zentameshnetwork. Zentalk the future of communication.

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!