Zentachain Trade-Hub

Zentachain Trade-Hub

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Defi - Decentralized Finance

DeFi is derived from the words Decentralized and Finance, the main purpose of DeFi is to create platforms that are fast, inexpensive, transparent, secure and do not need a third party. In very simple terms, we can define Defi as a protocol that provides Bank services but can provide these services without the need for human factors. Decentralized finance offers many advantages over traditional financial services. With the smart contracts and distributed systems that have entered our lives with blockchain technology, the distribution of a financial application or product has become less cheap, fast, and secure.

Defi is gaining importance day by day and its effect is increasing at the same rate. Projects in this field and many others cannot achieve sufficient success or remain well below their potential due to the lack of sufficient support. So, many projects need a platform for community and fundraising. Trade-Hub will be one of the leading platforms for such platforms and will be nominated to be a game changer. We have solved many existing and potential problems without compromising high performance. Especially in the crypto ecosystem, while centralized institutions are losing power, decentralized institutions are also getting stronger. Of course, we cannot include proven, quality centralized platforms in this category.

Defi allows projects and communities to interact with each other without the need for any third-party agency. This situation forces central institutions to develop themselves in order to keep up with the rivalry. As a result, all this allows people to get faster, reliable, cheap, and secure services. Although Defi is still in its infancy, its dominance in the market is not to be underestimated.

Trade Hub - Decentralized Fundraising

Zentachain Trade-Hub is a decentralized platform designed to help top-quality projects raise funds. Projects will easily find an environment where they can trade their ecosystem tokens on the platform. Projects that are analyzed, filtered, and decided in detail by our teams can interact with each other on this platform and reach their communities and large masses. Also, their ecosystems are strengthened this way, so they can have the opportunity to empower themselves and generate resources in more than one way.

We planned to make these processes as easy and inexpensive as possible by providing optimum conditions for projects and individuals. Trade processes will be carried out easily on this platform and projects will gain serious benefits in shaping their future and realizing their roadmaps. This platform, which is ahead of its counterparts in many respects, provides serious opportunities for many projects implemented in the field of blockchain. The Zentachain Trade-Hub beta product will be released this week. Stay up to date and learn more about what you can do with the Trade-hub.

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!