Zentalk & Meshnet

Zentalk & Meshnet

Flume in Switzerland

Mesh Network, also known as MeshNet, is an alternative to the Internet that has zero centralized authority. No ISP is required for MeshNet as every device on the network becomes its own wireless provider.

The meshnet allows for computer devices to connect and interact wirelessly, creating its own web while not using a standard cable modem. This allows for easy set up with minimal infrastructure.

Computers act as nodes and connect to one another. Users can anonymously send and receive encrypted data through the MeshNet. Only the user receiving the encrypted data can retrieve it with an encryption key.

Censorship resistance is a unique feature of the MeshNet being that one network is blocked or removed the neighboring networks will take notice and reroute data accordingly, recognizing and solving this problem.

In the private sphere, more and more routers, WLAN repeaters, and powerline adapters dominate mesh functions. Thanks to this technology it is possible to make a complete wireless coverage of your own home or house. For example, in the most recent operating systems, the FritzBox router, powerline adapters, and repeaters, which are very popular in Germany, implement extensive mesh functions. The user interface of the FritzBoxes has been displayed in which the individual components of the mesh network and their connections. But other manufacturers like Netgear or Linksys and others support the development of a private wireless mesh network.

The goal of ZentaChain is to maintain the knots in the MeshNet and connect to each other through the Zentalk. Our goal is to use it all over the world to regain your natural right to communication. Zentalk enables communication worldwide without a central server storing your data. Live chat between people all over the world.

Private messages can only be seen by senders and recipients (wallet-to-wallet)
You can also stay connected in an emergency at Zentalk without having internet access. (Offline to Offline) If there are more than two devices, they will form a network and messages will be transferred to the next, extending the range of the Zentalk token holder.