What is IPFS and how will it be integrated by Zentachain?

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a network tailored to create an associative memory strategy of storing and sharing data. Utilizing a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web swifter, secure, and more open.

It’s possible to distribute a large volume of data with elevated productivity and no content duplication. Similar to git, IPFS provides historic versioning and makes it easy to set up strong networks to mimic data.

Adding files to IPFS begins with the system automatically assigning each file and it’s contents an exclusive indicator called a cryptographic hash. Then IPFS tracks the files hash version history while eliminating duplicates across the network. Next when accessing a file, the network finds the nodes storing the content by locating the unique hash. If a file is altered the hash is automatically changed to show the updated status and is no longer distributed as the original. Finally, a decentralized naming system known as IPNS locates every file by a readable name.

ZentaChain’s development team has chosen to integrate IPFS technology with our secure data storage service ZentaCloud. With IPFS, large amounts of immutable data can be stored indefinitely.

Zentachain's development team will offer real-world applications and services built to provide the consumer with top tier security and privacy. ZentaChain’s mission is to provide the world with the basic right of privacy.

Zentachain itself is a high-throughput blockchain platform designed for the host and scale of decentralized applications and distributed services. The Zentachain network utilizes a scaling solution known as Sharding which allows for a high number of transactions processed per second, leading to a fast, and reliable network. The Zentachain platform will host services such as ZentaCloud. This service will utilize the Zentachain ecosystem and will require a small transaction fee.

ZentaCloud is our cutting edge secured data storage system. ZentaCloud is designed to allow the consumer to privately store large amounts of data permanently on the InterPlanetary File System. ZentaCloud’s service will be able to achieve high-speed data transfer through the integration of network sharding ensuring seamless data transfers. Our service is an encryption delivery vehicle, in which data can be encrypted then filed securely on IPFS. This means ZentaCloud stores nothing locally. You are the only person who can access your data.

Zentachain has no centralized servers or backup database and we will never track our customers. Our services offer full encryption as well as IPFS and MeshNet integration. With these attributes along with cutting edge technologies, Zentachain becomes the solution to securing your privacy and data.