Cyber attacks on your most trusted services

Imagine, for a moment, being completely vulnerable; almost naked and exposed for the entire world to see. You trusted a popular and reliable service with your most intimate data. Only to pull up to your laptop to see the headline on your favorite news website, reporting of yet another cyber attack. This time reality hits you, it’s your data that has been breached! Cyber attacks are spreading like wildfire, this has become all to common in recent years. If only there were services that could guarantee to safeguard your data.

In recent years, hackers have had multiple successes in breaching the most high-tech security protocols. Take for instance, in 2013 WhatsApp was taken by surprise when hackers discovered a backdoor in their chat application. According to researchers at CheckPoint, the flaws were found in security protocols such as protobuf2. These hackers entered WhatsApps group chats and altered individuals message content to create fake news.

Or perhaps, we should then take a look at another popular message chat application; Snapchat? In 2013, hackers retrieved and leaked the source code responsible for the security of the application. Posting it throughout social media including, Github. These bold hackers then contacted Snapchat via Twitter expecting a bug bounty for finding the security flaw. If the bounty was paid the hackers would take down the leaked code.

As if having your messages fondled through, unbeknownst to you by cyber fiends wasn’t enough, your cloud storage services are just as vulnerable to these attacks. For instance, the latest cyber attack to be exposed in 2016, Dropbox. Not only did the hackers take Dropbox for 68 million user accounts personal information such as email addresses and passwords, but then turned around and sold all the personal data on the dark web. The hackers’ currency of choice for this sensitive material was bitcoins, which is 2012 when the hack occurred was approximately 1,100 USD. The most notable and infamous of these heinous cloud storage hacks were the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. In 2014, just a few days prior to the new upgrade of Apples iPhone 6, a security breach was discovered, user accounts and cloud backups were hacked. This sole hacker used phishing attacks through emails sent to users to get their passwords and obtain nude photos of celebrities. This obscene act taps into most users’ main fear, breach of privacy. You should never have any doubts when using a service to safeguard your most intimate content.

Zentachain’s services are going to give you real peace of mind. We are dedicated to giving the basic right of privacy back to the consumer. If you don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be the latest trending news story because you put your trust in a buzz-worthy, name-brand service, then don’t! Stop choosing to put your intimate content in those and instead choose to safeguard your data with Zentachain.