Zentanode - Onlineshop Opening [$CHAIN-Miner]

Zentanode - Onlineshop Opening [$CHAIN-Miner]

Zentachain is pleased to announce the opening of their online store. Zentanode is a next-generation IoT miner device designed by Zentachain to provide offline communication. Owners of these devices that support the Zentamesh network will of course be rewarded with #CHAIN ​​token, Zentachain's own cryptocurrency on a monthly basis.

As long as you keep the devices active, you will continue to receive the rewards and you will receive the same amount of tokens on a regular basis each month. Moreover, these devices will be limited for each city and country. After creating the network with sufficient number of devices, new devices will not be produced.

We can say that blockchains are no longer the most important issue, since there are already enough high-quality projects in this area. Avalanche, Polkadot, Solana, Cosmos, Ethereum, Polkadot and many more. However, a fact is easily forgotten, so constant reminders are helpful.

The value of important Products that will touch and facilitate our lives at every moment is increasing. Products are anything that can be created faster, cheaper, and more effectively than another competitor. Dreams and thoughts become shallow when they are squeezed into patterns.

The Zentanode is not a hotspot device, so it would be unfair to compare it with other projects. Zentachain has a larger vision. We will briefly describe our Zentalk Messenger Application, which is later ready to use, so that you can see the big picture.

Zentalk is a hybrid, decentralized, and secure messaging application. We think it differs from Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal and others in many ways. What was the purpose of talking about this application when we were discussing Zentanode? It's for a reason, of course.

Zentalk users will be able to message each other offline using Zentamesh regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or not. In other words, as the network we create with these devices expands, Zentalk users will be able to communicate over a longer distance.

Yes, you can say like Whatsapp or Telegram without Internet

When you ask how it will be, and you've never seen anything like it before, it might be hard to believe. There were not many believers in many projects, products, and companies that are admired now.

Zentanode has been very carefully designed, and we'll explain how important it is, adapting it to many situations. Furthermore, this business no longer exists as a vision. After completing our tests, we are ready to go. The next step is to lay the legal foundation to safeguard the company and it's investors.

Since some issues are not in our hands, we can't accelerate this process, but we don't sit idle either. Our approach is always well-intentioned and product-oriented. Communication will take on a completely new dimension, and Zentachain will play an important role.

The Zentanodes should not be designed and developed for mass sales, but rather for a limited audience. Zentanodes are unique in their ability to support the Zentamesh network, so they don't require many miners.

Zentanode was established to provide decentralized communication and networking due to the centralized mining and telecom industry. Besides being decentralized by having all miners in one place, we ensure that each area has a limited number of miners.

Zentanode Sale orders will be available in the coming days. We will provide you with more information soon. Thus, you should subscribe to the Zentachain Blog to keep up with every news update.

Our highly qualified team members have been working on Zentanode and Onlinestore with precision so the user will have no difficulty when purchasing from the online store.


Products purchased outside of Zentanode's official website are not backed by Zentachain.  The CHAIN token reward or product will not be delivered to you if you purchase a node from scammers.

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Zentachain Onlinestore
Zentanode hardware for mining CHAIN tokens. Support the decentralized network and communicates real-time offline to offline in a highly encrypted network. Zentanode is a newly launched decentralized telecom miner powerd by Zentachain.
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