WeChat, Signal and Zentalk

WeChat, Signal and Zentalk

The popularity of decentralized apps is growing as centralized apps get stuck and many users become victims. This problem leads to serious threats and violations, especially for messenger applications. This is because centralized apps have serious problems with very important issues such as privacy and data collection. At the same time, because the applications host a server, users' personal data is always open to hacker attacks, so serious problems occur daily. Sometimes some problems between the two countries even cause problems for many people living in these countries.

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We see this in the sanctions imposed by these countries on each other in every field due to the tension between the USA and China in recent years. Some messenger applications are known as an information resource or even an important enforcement power for states.

One of the most important examples of this is that WeChat users turned to other messenger applications, especially Signal, after the rumors that the WeChat messenger application developed by the Chinese was banned. Therefore, users may have to change their preferences even if they do not want it because of government policies. This is not fair, because states should not determine people's choices.

Zentachain approaches these issues sensitively in order to protect people's independence and privacy. As Zentachain, we always emphasize the importance of decentralization and we developed our Zentalk Messenger application accordingly. Zentalk is a highly secure hybrid encryption, decentralized, and peer-to-peer messaging app. Zentalk has no server points. The algorithms we use for privacy and the absence of a server point will make users feel completely safe while using Zentalk. We believe that people's private information is more important than anything else and should be protected. We have taken all measures regarding privacy and data protection and we are confident that we will ensure your safety.

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