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ZentaP2P = Zentalk

Zentachain Community
Zentachain Community

Even at the best of times, naming is a contentious and emotional business. Whether you’re naming your baby, your boat, or your brand, the process can breed nearly endless deliberation. At Zentachain we want to deliver great products, and we realize it all starts with the scouting of a perfect name.

We need names for our products that are relevant and truly compelling. We want our products names to be self-explaining and simple, grabbing attention and staying memorable.

Breaking down ZentaP2P, the name didn’t reveal that much. Nobody could ever tell that the ZentaP2P dApp would be a decentralized messenger dApp — ultra-secure — using peer-to-peer network protocols.

That’s why we picked something new: Zentalk
Zentalk tells a story. A story that helps users understand the purpose of the dApp and at the same time helps the team to pitch the use case and value proposition.

Let me break Zentalk down for you:

We basically break it down into 3 parts;
Zen—talk and Zenta

Zenta refers to the ecosystem the dApp is running on, that was easy and obvious.

ZentaChain will host this dApp and make it ultra-secure and lightning-fast.
Users that use Zentalk are promised an ultra-secure and tamper-proof environment. They can be zen. Zen concentrates on meditation rather than on studying writings. When you are in a Zen state of mind, you are not worried, meaning you can focus on what really matters (in Zen Buddhism this would be meditation). For the Zentalk business case, the Zen emphasizes the worry-free environment of the dApp. No One will ever hack into your conversations or data streams. You are offered a worry-free environment.

Talk refers to the value the dApp will bring, it’s a messenger dApp. You can chat with it, a digital way of talking. At first Zentalk will be text-based, but the underlying technology won’t stop the dApp from using audio in the future.