Zentanode - Advantages for Telecom

Zentanode - Advantages for Telecom

Communication is about to undergo a revolution thanks to Zentachain's products. Our products have been in development for a long time without stopping our vision, and now we have a say in this field. The IoT product we produce, Zentanodes, will gain a completely new status. The Internet dependence is indeed a sad and restrictive situation, despite all the advances in technology. As a result, the Zentachain team filled the gap in this field, allowing the communication world to breathe easy.

With Zentachain's products, the world of communication will be able to get rid of some of its shackles. You must have done something that has never been done before in this field, something that has never been known. It is for this reason that we are so ambitious. We describe this product as a big event because there is no similar product on the market.

Several people have commented on your assertiveness. Yes, it is very ambitious. As a result of testing the devices we have and seeing what they can do, our confidence is purely based on real data, not guesses and probabilities. A key aspect of the Zentachain team is that we never talk about something that doesn't exist because it harms our goal.

As we have designed IoT products which provide people with freedom and independence from this monocentric and unipolar state, we know that we offer a decentralized way out of a centralized world. Our goal is to establish a large global network with these devices in order to make people part of this ecosystem, as we believe that at this time there is no better alternative.

You are freed from relying on the internet with a node you own or are in close proximity to (within 6 km for now- the goal is 30 km). Through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and much more supported networks these nodes can offer you an independent communication network via a USB cable that you can connect to a computer, phone, or tablet.

Last but not least, we have planned not to use the cell phone as a node for years because a cell phone's battery wears out very quickly in the first two weeks. Zentanode has other features too, e.g. sleep mode, which a mobile device cannot do because it must always run in the background, but with Zentanode it doesn't and data is forwarded on request only when your node is active again. Additionally, a cell phone cannot create the same range as a Zentanode due to its limited range.

Our online store is the only place to pre-register for Zentanodes:

Zentachain Onlinestore
Zentanode hardware for mining CHAIN tokens. Support the decentralized network and communicates real-time offline to offline in a highly encrypted network. Zentanode is a newly launched decentralized telecom miner powerd by Zentachain.
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