Zentachain - Telecommunication History | Decentralized
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Zentachain - Telecommunication History | Decentralized

A communication is the act of two parties communicating with each other. Historically, this process began with primitive methods and has evolved to its current form. Large devices and difficult conditions can now be encountered with mini devices. Communication is probably one of the most important needs of history and today. Technology companies have long been drawn to this area for that reason. A significant reason for its importance is that it is not exactly a simple industry at all.

Features of Communications


The electronic transmission of information over distances, called telecommunications, has become virtually inseparable from computers: Computers and telecommunications create value together. Telecommunications networks combine computing and telecommunications resources for communication of information between distant locations.

Telecommunications components

Telecommunications is the electronic transmission of information over long distances. Data, voice telephone calls, text, images, and videos are all forms of information. In today's world, telecommunications are mainly used for connecting more or less distant computer systems to a telecommunication network. The networks themselves are controlled by computers, IoT, Network-endpoints and node.

There are several components to a telecommunications network:

Part I. Network access terminals

Part II. Information processing devices that are connected through a network

Part III. Telecommunications links that allow information to be transmitted from a sending device to a receiving device.

Part IV. Telecommunications equipment that facilitates the transmission of information.

Part V. Software that controls the transmission of messages over a network.



Mesh networks transform the typical hub-and-spoke internet access model into a more diffuse method. This diffusion eliminates single points of failure by allowing the network to dynamically reroute data through the mesh. Implementing multi-hop routing is straightforward, but the necessary hardware is not.

Mesh networks are known for their versatility. Nearly any device with wireless capabilities can be a network node, from wireless routers to mobile devices like laptops and smartphones. Because they don't require a fixed infrastructure, these networks can also be set up quickly and easily.



In centralized communication, all stakeholders are connected to a central hub, which stores all communications together, as well as all necessary documents and information. Communication can be contextualized into topics and projects, and can even be broken down into sub-sections so that each conversation can be tracked and maintained efficiently, including all necessary documentation and scheduling.



Now is the time for decentralization; we must not accept the dominance of a central institution. It only takes a few seconds for communication to take a completely different turn. By giving the individual a voice in communication, we have been able to reassure third institutions, individuals and companies. Reach of a signal is an important component of decentralized communication. A blockchain or cloud-based platform should never be used for offloading this process. Despite the fact that it requires an infrastructure outside the blockchain, the validity can be verified by the blockchain of a node, so the network can be validated, scaled, and prosper.

This is what Satoshi Nakamoto explained in a bitcoin paper.

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow you to make payments online for a financial institution.

In the same sense, decentralized communication can be explained as follows.

A purely peer-to-peer version of communication service would allow peers to communicate directly for a telecommunication institution.

Decentralized communication can be explained as follows by Zentachain.

A pure peer-to-peer communication service would enable participants to communicate directly with each other and provide an IoT and smart networking.



In the digital age, the Internet has become an addiction that makes life unmanageable without it. Every aspect of life requires it, whether it's reading the news, writing an article, or attending a meeting. However, this problem is the fact that the situation is quite troublesome. Usually, video conferencing relies on a connection to the internet for communication, but here, the situation has been flipped. From now on, Zentanode users will be able to communicate with Zentanode devices without the need for an internet connection. With the range of Zentanode devices, Zentalk users will be able to communicate with one another without the need for an internet connection by search nearby devices connect thats it.

IoT & Zentanode

Currently, devices such as phones and tablets all communicate with each other. Since IoT is becoming more important day by day, we have analyzed the gaps in this area very well. As opposed to being seen as a traditional miner, Zentanode's devices are actually a revolutionary Internet of Things device.

Networking & Node

There has always been a major ecosystem for communication networks. This has facilitated serious networking among societies and masses. Our network is designed with users in mind through the products and values we have developed within the Zentachain ecosystem. Zentanode devices were designed with the vision of covering the world with a great network.



Privacy and confidentiality are fundamental human rights. Communication companies have been accused of using and selling data belonging to individuals for other purposes without permission many times. Zentalk Messenger App was developed by Zentachain according to the belief that individuals should be given their natural rights, as well. The app is fully hybrid, encrypted, and decentralized. Data belonging to the user is not collected, stored, or used.

You own your data

Individuals are discouraged from sharing their personal information due to concerns about privacy, but companies ignore this problem and use personal information in bad faith. The Zentachain platform promises its users ownership of their data. Decentralized software that we have created and products that we have developed have been designed so that even Zentachain cannot access those data and information.

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!