Zentachain | Main-net Launch Staking-Hub

Zentachain | Main-net Launch Staking-Hub

Dear Zentachain community,

We are thrilled to share the news of the successful completion of the Staking-Hub test-network phase and the official migration to mainnet. Today, we are excited to announce not only the successful launch of the Staking-Hub on mainnet but also the introduction of three distinct staking pools: Zajing, Orion, and Alnitak.

The journey to mainnet has been a long and rigorous one for the Zentachain team. After months of development, testing, and fine-tuning, we are confident that the Staking-Hub is now ready for prime time. Our development team has made significant improvements in terms of security, scalability, and user experience, resulting in a platform that is both user-friendly and robust.

With the Staking-Hub now live on mainnet, users can stake their CHAIN tokens and participate in the network's consensus mechanism. Staking is an essential component of Zentachain's ecosystem, as it enables users to earn rewards while helping to secure the network's future. We believe that staking provides a win-win scenario for the community and the network.

The launch of the Staking-Hub on mainnet is just the beginning for Zentachain. The team is continuously working on new features, enhancements, and partnerships to further strengthen the ecosystem. We have some exciting developments coming up, including the expansion of the Zentachain ecosystem through strategic partnerships and collaborations, the introduction of new tools and features to improve the staking experience, and enhancements to the Zentachain platform for better performance and user experience.

The Staking-Hub of Zentachain offers three different pools, each tailored to suit the varying preferences of our community members. The Zajing Pool offers an APR of 12%, making it an attractive option for those looking for a moderate return on their staked CHAIN tokens. The Orion Pool presents a more rewarding opportunity for stakers seeking an increased return on their investment, with an APR of 16%. For those who want the highest possible rewards, the Alnitak Pool boasts an impressive APR of 20%, making it the most lucrative choice among the three pools.

In conclusion, we are proud to have reached this significant milestone, and we invite you to join us in celebrating the main-net launch of the Staking-Hub. We encourage you to explore the Staking-Hub and choose the pool that best aligns with your investment goals. The Zentachain community has every reason to be excited about the future of the ecosystem. Together, we will continue building a decentralized, secure, and scalable platform for the next generation of digital communication offline network and transactions. Thank you for your unwavering support.

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The Zentachain staking platform is a great way to stake CHAIN and earn rewards.
Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!