Zentachain - CHAIN Token Supply Schedule

Zentachain - CHAIN Token Supply Schedule

CHAIN token Schedule

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that we have added a number of new token supply schedule information to the Zentachain platform that we believe will greatly enhance the user experience and drive adoption.

First and foremost, we have implemented a supply schedule for the CHAIN token. This schedule outlines the distribution of new tokens over time, helping to ensure a stable and fair distribution of rewards to all participants in the network.

In addition to the supply schedule, we have also introduced inflation information for the CHAIN token. Users can earn fixed returns by participating in the Zentamesh network and operation, which is supported by IoT devices running the Zentanode.

We have also released an overview of team and company staking, which enables users to understand how Zentachain and the team are managing their tokens. This adaption makes it easier for smaller staker to get involved and compete with larger staking pools.

Furthermore, we have added the Community token supply schedule, which outlines the distribution of new tokens to the community over time. This will help to ensure that the community is fairly rewarded for its contributions.

We have also introduced staking pools to our documentation, which allow users to earn rewards by staking their CHAIN tokens. There are two options available - a pool with a 16% APR or a pool with a 20% APR - as well as a non-pool option with a 12% APR. This gives users the opportunity to earn passive income on their tokens.

Please note that there is a time lock period in place for the 16% and 20% APR pools where users are not able to unstake their tokens at any time. However, the non-pool option with 12% APR does not have a time lock period and users are able to unstake their tokens at any time.

We believe that these updates will greatly enhance the user experience and drive adoption of the Zentachain and CHAIN. We encourage all users to take advantage of our new token schedule overview and join us in building a strong, decentralized network.

You can view graphics and detailed information on the token schedule in our documentation hub:

Economics - Zentachain Documentation
The CHAIN token is the official currency of the Zentachain network.
Thank you for your continued support.