Money or user personal information which is more important?

Money or user personal information which is more important?

Today, money is one of the most important things. With the development of technology, people can get everything they want cheaper and easier. New applications and social media platforms are entering our lives with each passing day, so users can easily reach their friends anywhere in the world at any time. People are so happy to see these applications of its lovely interface and easy to use features. Of course, first-time users look at such applications with awe as it’s pleasing to the eye. Most such programs are free or people suppose that those applications are free. Perhaps some information (phone number, e-mail address, ID) requested from the users to use these applications is more important for the owners of these applications. Perhaps people are willingly giving them this information which is far more expensive than money if it were to be placed on this application. Maybe they don't actually charge people to use the application, but they make a lot of money in the background and of course, users’ information is no longer secure.

Actually, we write these things to make the user ponder on. Money is absolutely not more important than our private and personal information. Because people do not know how and for what purpose; they get to use this personal information in the future. Recent news and lawsuits showed that even Facebook had sold its users' personal and private information to 3rd party companies. (Although facebook definitely says that they won't do it and its users' information is safe). In other news that emerged in recent days, a spy application called Pegasus, owned by the Israeli firm installed on Whatsapp provided access to the phones of many important people (statesmen, artists, etc) and seized a lot of confidential information.

All these developments show that; any application that asks the user for any personal information to use may endanger the user's personal data and the consequences may be very severe. If Facebook did not ask for the user phone number or mail address, the user information could not be sold to others. If Whatsapp didn't make it obligatory for users to provide a phone number, it wouldn't be able to give users phone information to another company. So these applications are not actually free, they are actually expensive.

Communication is undoubtedly very important to humans. And maybe, people use these applications knowing that they will jeopardize their personal data and give their personal information inadvertently. As the Zentachain team, we set out to find a solution to this problem, and our sole aim is to ensure the freedom of people and the security of their personal data. For this purpose, we developed our Zentalk product.

Zentalk is an offline, distributed, hybrid and encrypted peer to peer messaging platform designed to completely alter the way consumers currently think about messaging services. In order to use Zentalk, the user does not have to share any personal information (identification, phone number, email address, passport information) with Zentachain. Users can use Zentalk with a random username that they specify. This is not the only advantage of using Zentalk. Users can also use Zentalk application even if they do not have an Internet connection