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Katsumi - Trade is now closed

Katsumi - Trade is now closed

Zentachain Community
Zentachain Community

A big thank you to the members who interested and participated in the Katsumi Public Trading Process. Community's support is very important for the future of the project. The Katsumi public trade process is already closed.

The community won't have to wait long for Katsumi listing, the community's decision will be taken, and more details will be announced very soon.  Marketing works continue at full speed with listing. The community will be able to hear exciting developments' step by step.

So stay tuned for further developments, more good news will become available. The listing announcement will be made from official channel. Don't forget to subscribe to the Blog.


Katsumi is the network that is called the pure community-driven network of Zentachain. It is much faster in the time phase in contrast to Zentanetwork. The consensus is the same by the Proof of stake (PoS) algorithm.

Katsumi features compared between Zentanetwork:

  • Lower Validation
  • Lower Nomination
  • Used for Trade-Hub
  • More Governance
  • Pure Network
  • Lower Rewards

Katsumi Website

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!