Cancellation of the Zentachain ICO

Cancellation of the Zentachain ICO

As the Zentachain team, we want to inform you about the latest developments. We have been working very intensely and devotedly for about 2 years. In the light of our research and observations in the blockchain market, you have realized that many projects have been released without even creating at least a quality product and that they are trying to raise funds with ICO or IEO, and as the Zentachain team, we already know this.

We were aware of this from the very beginning, so we already knew that it would not be possible to survive for a long time without a quality product, so we planned everything accordingly. You also know that we have multiple top-level products that we work on. Currently, our work on these products continues successfully. We do not want to present our products to you before they become perfect and faultless.

All of this is for you to avoid any trouble while using our products. Your endless support for us is always our most important source of motivation and will be so. With the last message from Telegram that Ton official has been banned, we have learned our lesson and decided that we will not carry out an ICO or IEO 100%. We think that Telegram was too active in the public sector and therefore the government made a short process of it before they could launch the Ton Blockchain.

The total supply of Zenta is reduced to 26.500.000 Zenta. Of course, we do not leave our members in the Telegram unrewarded because users will receive Zenta from Zentachain as a reward for their loyalty. Zentachain will be listed without running an ICO or IEO. Everything is for your privacy and security, thank you to Ton and Telegram team wishing us good luck. We also hope that Telegram will be successful.

Thank you Zentachain Team!